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The Creator Says, "This is My Name Forever"
Welcome to the TRUTH as backed up and documented by the ORIGINAL and EARLIEST SCRIPTURES AVAILABLE!

We base everything we do on INTEGRITY.

in·teg·ri·ty [in-teg-ri-tee]–noun


1.adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

We wanted to start off by making this most important point about the value of "Integrity." Most will agree that this virtue is sorely missed in today's society. Our mission is to restore "Integrity" through our message to the world.

We are very confident that this website will have a major impact on you and those you know for the rest of your life! The reason for this is simple. We Promote the Truth to the fullest extent that we can find accurate information. Getting accurate information on the TRUTH is extremely difficult. We've put this site together to simplify the Truth about our Creator and His way to Eternal Life.

Please understand that we do not claim to know all the answers. Our goal is to continue to provide as much "Evidence" as we can to get to the bottom of all the confusion surrounding what the Truth really is.

One would think it would be very simple to find out exactly what the Creator has to say in instructing us to the way to Eternal Life. We should be able to pick up a "Bible" and get clear answers. The problem is that almost all English translations of the Scriptures are innacurate! This can be easily proven with any serious research at all. This statement may seem shocking, but it is the Truth. Most find this attitude to be refreshing. No more guessing. No more playing games with peoples lives for the sake of power and money. We're going to dig together for THE TRUTH!

This attitude of digging for the Truth is one that most "churches," "scholars," and "clergy" will typically not like. They typically want us to just accept what they say as complete truth. This gives them control. The problem they face is that our Creator does not hide behind lies and deception. Our Creator is One who is the Truth and says that those who worship Him "must worship Him in Spirit and in TRUTH!" We all know that there is only one Truth. The issue is we must deal with the one and only True Word of our Creator.

The problem most have is they believe the "Bible" they have in their possession today is the "true word of God." If the version is King James, New King James, American Standard, New American Standard, NIV, Amplified, Living Bible, Today's English, Revised Standard, or any other version which changes or omits words from the Original Scriptures, then you don't know what the Truth is. You're basing your Eternity on someone else's translation and interpretation. Not thinking for yourself can cost you everything.

We know these statements are difficult for most to comprehend, but it's time to let go of "traditions" and deal only with "evidence" that leads to the truth. Our Creator has promised us that if we search for Him with all our hearts, then He will be found.

This site will become an invaluable tool for you and other truth seekers to get simple to understand information that you can depend on and grow with.

For starters you'll notice on the top of this page a "foreign looking" arrangement of characters underneath the statement "This Is My Name Forever...." that looks like this: YAHUWAH.gif.

This is the name of the Creator of everything that exists! This style of writing is what is called Paleo-Hebrew (Ancient Hebrew).

Most call the Creator "God and/or Lord." This is wrong and it defames His Name. You will clearly learn that our Creator/Savior has a name that identifies who He is. We all have names, and our Creator is no different. He wants you to know Him by His Name and thus begin to truly know His power and who He is! Knowing someone's name is the beginning of knowing who they are. The important thing that we discovered is our Creator's Name is who He says He is.

 Think about this Scripture verse one moment (really stop and think):

Isa 52:6 "Therefore My people shall know My Name...."

If you are to be part of His people, then He states you must know His Name. Again, really stop and think about this verse.

If you've ever had prayers go unanswered and knew that you should have received an answer, then more than likely you've been calling on the wrong Name and have yet to enter into a covenant relationship with Him. We'll show you how to simply fix this problem. It will become common sense to you.

Much effort has went into hiding or covering over the Set Apart Name of the One and only Creator. Much effort has also went into deliberately lying and keeping the truth away from us. Think about it, if Satan knows (which he does) that power and salvation is through the Name of the Creator, how would he go about to deceive us? He'd try to hide or change the NAME! This is our chance to not be deceived.

We have discovered through the truth of who He is through our love for knowing who the Creator really is by seeking Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.
We will show you in an easy to understand manner how "the entire world has been deceived" (see Rev. 12:9). There's no need to worry if you love the truth. We'll show you how to solve this dilemma right away.

We suggest that you read this site in the order in which the links have been put together. We put information together in a progressive manner that will lead you to a solid understanding and put you on the right path to find out for yourself the Truth. The first link you will want to read is called "Correct Names." Without knowing the True Name of the Creator and His Son, the Savior (Mashiach), then everything else just falls apart. We will also uncover all the true names of the Prophets and several of the Patriarchs. The evidence that is provided in their names alone shows who the Creator is and who the Savior is. Their Prophets names will show you why the "deceivers" changed their names as well in almost every "Bible."

A word of advice as you read through this site... There will be many who will find themselves becoming angered by discovering the intentional deception that has gone on, but we encourage you to not let "emotions" get the best of you. We believe that you are at this site, because the Creator of the world is now calling you to walk in the truth. If you choose to do so, then there is no doubt that you will begin to experience the true POWER that is found in no other. There is only one Creator and Savior. We will clearly show you who He is and give you information that will lead you to all understanding.

Just utilizing the "Evidence" you'll find on this site, has allowed us to begin to experience the "Power" of the Creator. If you've ever had prayers go unanswered and wondered why, then you'll be glad you found this site.

We thank you for taking the time to "reason" out what the truth is. We are here for you to help in any way possible.

Now it's time to get started by checking out the link "Correct Names."

Above is a 2,000 year old Original Text of Tehillum (sn- Psalms) found at Qumran, Israel. This was written around 50 B.C. This is an example of the type of Scripture that the Savior read from.

Careful examination of this text will show our Creator's Name appears "7 "times in this short amount of Scripture.

"Impacting The World With The Truth"

Follow The Truth And Nothing But The Truth!

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